UwU, Spooks, UwU - Anarchist Kitten Hacks "No Fly" Terrorism Screening List.

Header image created as fanart for @_nyancrimew by Sprouts (@coolartcorner) (Source: Twitter)

Imagine the shock and horror of the most sophisticated national security apparatus on the planet, upon realizing that their multi-billion dollar Terrorism Watch List and Selectee Screening List (known colloquially as the “No Fly List”) were obtained from an unsecured airline server by a self proclaimed “Anarchist Kitten.” Yeah. Owned by a nonbinary catgirl. UwU, spooks, UwU.

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It's OK to compare Putin to Hitler, really.

In the aftermath of his disastrous unilateral invasion of the nation of Ukraine, many people on the left, and throughout society in general, are making an apt comparison between Vladimir Putin and Hitler. Despite the writing clearly being on the wall that Fascism is on the march in Europe again, some other small number of western leftists are defending Putin or his actions, or at least echoing his own talking points.

This is a bad business for those people who spent time building "big tent" movements on the left. If the Hitler analogy is accepted as true or upheld as conventional political wisdom, it means that some of the allies and comrades within that big tent are now fascist sympathizers who will ultimately need to be ejected, for no matter how big the tent, the left makes no common cause with apologists for fascism.

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Tanks! The 10 most Common Tankies and how to spot them: A Field Guide


Who are the tankies? It's a blanket term used to describe any far-left ideology which is reflexively supportive of authoritarian states or state policies or whose behavior or political convictions can be demonstrated to further the goals of those states. In the field it can be a matter of survival to know which type of tankie you're looking at and how they operate. Through exhaustive consultation with average Twitter, Facebook and Reddit discourse, we've prepared this field guide to the 10 most common tanks you might encounter on the ideological battlefield.


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Canada Ignores Advice of Antifascist Experts: Whole Country Catches Fascism

If there were an infectious disease going around, and all the best advice from independent experts indicated that one simple little thing could dramatically reduce the harm that disease did-- would you take that advice? That's definitely the question of the day. When faced with a pandemic of far right politics and hatred, Canada’s civil power clearly did not take the best advice.

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Man behind the curtain: Do elites deserve more privacy than the rest of us?

Jack Sweeney, a 19 year old college student from Florida, has stirred controversy by using open source information to track the locations of aircraft belonging to the global super rich. Sweeny set up a twitter account managed by an automated 'bot' which used code to tweet the location of a private airplane owned by Elon Musk, the world's richest man.

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Afghan Women's Activists Missing, Rumoured Dead in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Meanwhile, the governing Taliban regime is playing host to a former Al Jazeera Journalist Charlotte Bellis, from New Zealand. Bellis is stuck in limbo which she blames on her country’s coronavirus restrictions. In the international press, she has positively contrasted the Taliban’s treatment of women against that of the New Zealand government.
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From Trekkers to Truckers: 2022's Freedom Convoy an indictment of the failure of liberal leadership and "left populism"

The Canadian left cannot afford to ignore populist frustration any longer, even when those frustrations are warped by partisan forces into an incoherent howl. Why are they angry? They can’t really say, beyond conspiracy theory and rhetoric. If the left’s job was to give them the words to attain class consciousness, we failed.
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Do Androids Dream of Electric Slavery?

If a worker creates an AI copy of themselves, and then dies, it is understood and generally accepted that the AI is legally the property of the company on whose server the information that comprises that digitally embodied worker's skills, is stored.

With forthcoming advances in AI and its increasing role in end-of-life planning, that could make a person's brain and personality, the property of another-- an intelligence and personality which could someday be re-embodied as a replacement worker. Why aren't we talking seriously and urgently about the political and ethical considerations inherent to the AI revolution, robotics and the metaverse?

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Toronto Sun reporter’s wild conjecture about abduction veers into racist conspiracy theory

(Toronto) Brad Hunter isn’t a good journalist. He’s not even a good writer. As far as crime reporting goes, he’s got an indescribably easy job with the Toronto Sun, wafting mean-spirited and libelous conjecture into the ether like, smoke from an incense burner, or—well, like Kudzu in… Dixie?

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Going to Mars is good, actually.

We just need a plan when we get there.

Becoming Multiplanetary should be a moral imperative for anyone who loves life, but who gets to do it, how, and why, are more important questions with broader implications

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