Some of your articles aren't quite true, are they?

Astute observation, dear reader! As a point of principle, we abhor fake news, fakery, falsehood and deception. That said, we also have a sense of humor and wish to present content which is satirical in nature alongside more thoughtful and hard-hitting pieces. We understand there's some discourse about the ethics of labeling satire, or mixing satire with fact in the same publication. While we feel our attempts at satire will be so clear that we don't need to label them, it's our editorial position that if a reader is unable to distinguish between fact and satire, they're probably not the kind of person we need as a reader.

How do I write for The Warp?

Right now we're looking for voluntary submissions from the kind of people who want to be heard. Because we're paying our hosting costs, domain costs and all relevant overhead out of pocket, with no fundraising apparatus to support us-- we're not able to pay for content. Yeah, that sucks, we know. As soon as hosting and domain costs are offset by planned fundraising initiatives, our first priority will be paying freelancers at a rate of $100 per piece and $250 for investigative long-form. After publishing ten times with us we'll consider any writer an owner-contributor and pay them a full and equal share of any further fundraising or advertising returns. Nobody gets rich, everybody gets paid (eventually). When we said 'our goal is employee ownership', we meant it.

What kind of stories will The Warp publish?

Satire, of course, but we're really interested in anything which falls broadly under the categories of progressive politics, antifascism, social equality, futurism, technology, the middle east, open source and DIY communities, space and human conflict. We invite investigative pieces in any of the mentioned themes as well, as well as opinion submission provided they are suitably philosophical and supportive of our broader vision. If you have a story you think we'd be interested in, please contact [email protected]. Even if we don't end up publishing your work, we can probably help you hone the idea or direct you to someone who will. We promise not to scoop you or steal your content. We definitely prefer original content, but if you have a piece that lives elsewhere that you absolutely think should live in The Warp, too, we're happy to consider it provided it wasn't previously sold as an exclusive.

You libeled me! How do I get a story taken down?

Our editorial policy when it comes to libel notices, pressure campaigns or threats and intimidation is 'If it's up, it's up' and "Take your L". If we fact-checked a story and found its core details to be correct, we're not going to cave to legal threats, period. But go ahead, spend your hard earned money on that expensive lawyer and see where it gets you. The only exception to this rule is if you demonstrate to us, in writing how something we published is factually inaccurate or, in your interpretation otherwise harmful/hurtful/hateful. This will result in a published correction accompanied by the appropriate notation on the piece in question. We're not publishing maliciously, we don't wish you personal harm-- the chances are good you just did something silly and got caught or called out for it.

Can I see your sources/notes?

If you think legal threats, a campaign of targeted harassment or law enforcement demands will induce us to give up information on a confidential source, or copies of our own internal records, you're delusional. We're a pro press-freedom organization. We know our rights in a democracy. Please don't make us assert them.

Will you publish letters to the editor?

You can let us know what you think in the comments below any article, but if you want to give us a longer form