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Warp is a media portal headquartered In Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We aim to provide an authoritative, responsible and trustworthy source for news, news opinion, satire, fiction and analysis on subjects related to left-wing politics, antifascism, social equality, futurism, technology, space and human conflict.

We will remain independent and pledge to maintain a transparent and observable reliance on crowd-sourced and community funding for our operations. When we scale and hire staff, we pledge that the enterprise will be worker-owned and horizontally-democratic with accountability mechanisms to our supporting members, co-owners and public to ensure that we are always responsive and accountable internally to ourselves, and externally, to our readership.

In short, we will boldy go where you say and we will grow when you say.

Warp Media will never cave to pressure or legal threats unless we have published information which is factually incorrect. We invite the scrutiny of independent fact checkers. If you wish to provide a factual correction, please send to [email protected] we'll respond to any civil dialogue. If you threaten us, harass us or use language objectively construed to be hateful, demeaning, or rude-- we reserve the right to not respond.

Perhaps something you'd like to ask is covered in our FAQ section. Please skim this section of the website before reaching out.